The NBA On TNT Crew Had Very Funny Reactions To The Viral ‘Unacceptable First-Date’ List

Last week, a list of “unacceptable first date spots” emerged on Twitter that caused quite a ruckus on the Internet. It’s remarkable that Twitter still has the ability to ignite an argument that will ruffle feathers across our society. The list has a few obvious spots like a family function or a fast food restaurant that you could build a broad based consensus around.

However, the most heated debate centered on an attack of our country’s greatest chain restaurants. Waffle House, while not romantic, can prove if a partner can survive any situation with you. Olive Garden is basically Italy if you squint your eyes. Cheesecake Factory is a great restaurant to go to when you don’t know what someone likes because their menu is 12 pages long.

On Friday, the good folks at the NBA on TNT showed this list to the Inside the NBA crew, who had some reactions that were priceless to seeing some of their favorite establishments and date night activities on the list.

Ernie Johnson is a family man and you can tell he intends to stay a family man after reading this list. Dating is a difficult game in 2023 even if you’re Charles Barkley or Shaq. The big fellas will have to find countermoves for their coffee and hookah bar dates. According to the list, sporting events are out too, so this will require some real creativity on their end. At least the entire crew agreed that family functions are out on the first date, but we’re still not sure if they’ve figured out what would be acceptable.