These Are The NBA’s Most Dangerous Two-Way Contracts

10.26.17 2 years ago

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The NBA is an ever-evolving machine, constantly adding new parts to continue its drudge across the top of the professional sports landscape. This season the league has added a fun development toy for teams to tinker with as two-way contracts were rolled out.

These new resources come in the way of two additional roster spots specifically for these contracts. In short, players with three years of NBA experience or less can be signed to these deals and spend a maximum of 45 days with their NBA club during the season. While they are with the NBA club they will earn a prorated salary based on the current minimum which allows fringe players to earn some money and stay stateside rather than head overseas for larger paydays.

Teams are understandably still strategizing on how to use these deals since no one really knows how they will pan out. Some teams opted for young, undrafted rookies while others went for experienced veterans who still met the parameters for these deals.

If players outplay these deals, they can be converted to standard NBA contracts at any time as well, so there’s incentive for both the players and teams to continue to develop and improve.

Ultimately, this means there are 60 new positions to be filled in the NBA, and that’s exciting for players who are maybe AAAA type guys. They are too good for the G League, but not quite good enough to crack the 15-man rosters in the NBA either.

As you can imagine some teams did better than others in terms of who they signed, and our mission is to show you the most dangerous two-way tandems so far. There are only three two-way spots left (Atlanta, Houston and Minnesota) so 57 of the available 60 are filled.

When considering what “most dangerous” means we took into consideration: NBA readiness, overall skillset, impact on G League team, potential impact on NBA team and previous experience. The listings below are in no particular order and are simply the six most dangerous tandems.

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