The NBA’s 10 Best Dunks Of The Week (3.3)

It’s Gerald Green week in the most recent edition of the top ten dunks over the past seven days.

Green reaffirmed himself as the league’s top dunker with a pair of scintillating jams in the half-court, performing his usual floating routine that continues to captivate audiences and bewilder scientists to this day.

Joining Green this week is a rare poster from a Golden State starter and the return of our favorite athletic point guard from Oklahoma City.

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10. Jermaine O’Neal turns back the hands of time
The Golden State Warriors looked like they saw the Ark of the Covenant open when they saw Jermaine O’Neal dunk over the Knicks defense, which is as rare and sought after as the ark itself.

9. Amir Johnson throws down the windmill
Amir Johnson wanted to make the most of his rare excursion on a fast break with no defenders, thus bestowing us with an impressive windmill by the 6-10 forward.

8. Carmelo Anthony gets the best of LeBron James
Carmelo Anthony had it going on in the first half, before the Miami Heat defense put the clamps on him in the second half. Before then, however, he got the best of LeBron James with this blow-by on the perimeter, setting up a dunk around the masked avenger.

7. LeBron James returns the favor to the Knicks
While Carmelo owned the first half, the third quarter was dominated by LeBron, who scored 16 of his 31 points in the final frame he played in. Two of those 31 points came by way of his incredible tomahawk slam on a cut set up by a perfect pinpoint pass from Shane Battier on the baseline.

6. Jeff Green goes reverse for the alley-oop vs. Atlanta
Jeff Green is one of the few reasons why watching a Boston Celtics game would be of any interest. This reverse alley-oop slam against the Atlanta Hawks is one of those examples why Green still gives fans reason to watch the rebuilding franchise.

5. Matt Barnes goes off glass to DeAndre Jordan
With so many teams beginning to incorporate it into fast breaks, the off-glass alley-oop is almost losing its luster. Had Matt Barnes and DeAndre Jordan connected for this alley-oop earlier in the season, it may have found itself in the top spot. However, with the Clippers and Miami Heat doing it so often, and even the likes of the Sacramento Kings getting in on the act, it’s starting to lose its appeal.

Still, it doesn’t take away from how electrifying it is to see Jordan cap off a fast break with a powerful throwdown.

4. Russell Westbrook is officially back
I think I speak on behalf of everyone, except fans of the Charlotte Bobcats, when I say it’s great to have Russell Westbrook back in the league and doing Russell Westbrook things.

This coast-to-coast slam against Charlotte is one of those things we have missed for nearly a year.

3. Gerald Green dunks on the Hawks
The way Gerald Green can float and seemingly walk on air earns him the recognition of being the league’s best dunker.

This dunk he had against Atlanta is just another example of Green making a standard dunk look inconceivable and impossible when based on the laws of physics, which clearly state that human beings should not be capable of floating in air.

2. Klay Thompson destroys Kyle Singler
It’s another rendition of the Warriors’ bench losing its collective mind after witnessing an improbable dunk by one of their teammates. In this case, it’s Klay Thompson, who dunks all over Kyle Singler on the fast break, prompting the ridiculous reaction by the bench.

1. Gerald Green double-pumps vs. Utah
It’s not every day you get to see a reverse, double-pump slam take place in a half-court offense in an actual regular season game.

Gerald Green, however, enjoys making the impossible look routine.

Is Green the NBA’s top dunker?

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