NBA’s 10 Best Dunks Of The Week

Taking the top spot on this week’s dunks of the week is a small forward throwing down a vicious one-handed alley-oop. At this point, you’d assume I was talking about LeBron James, right? Not this time.

Other members of this week’s list include a pair of big men running the break and putting smaller defenders on a poster, as well as a turn-back-the-clock moment from one of the league’s ageless wonders.

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10. Reggie Jackson Leaves Andrei Kirilenko in the dust
There was a time when the last person you wanted to see in front of you was Andrei Kirilenko. That didn’t appear to be the case with Reggie Jackson, though, who easily blew by AK for the one-handed tomahawk.

The Nets have ruined the legacies of so many veterans this year. It’s been bad enough watching Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett shoot below 40 percent this year, but watching Kirilenko not even have a fighting chance on defense just feels wrong.

9. Evan Turner showboats against the Lakers
Perhaps if this dunk did not occur with his team up five in the final seconds, it would have probably ended up higher on this list.

The disrespect lowers its ranking, but the dunk itself can be seen as it’s one of the more innovative and unique dunks I’ve seen this season.

At least he apologized, even though nobody on the Lakers seemed to care or notice.

8. Miles Plumlee throws down the reverse alley-oop
Perhaps the Indiana Pacers would like to revisit the trade that sent Miles Plumlee and Gerald Green to the Phoenix Suns? After all, they seemingly make an appearance on this list every week.

While Scola has been playing well, Plumlee is nearly dropping a double-double, 9.9 points and 9.2 rebounds per game, as the Suns starting center. On top of being a candidate for the league’s Most Improved Player, he’s also a candidate for the Slam Dunk Contest, evidenced by the sick reverse alley-oop against Memphis.

7. Tobias Harris sends Paul Millsap to the floor
Unlike his getting dunked on by LeBron James, Paul Millsap at least tried to contest the dunk on Tobias Harris, even though it was probably too late and he should have just let the play transpire without interfering.

Since Millsap has been victimized by dunks the past two weeks, we’ll offer him some positivity to show we’re not picking on him: He has played well in his first year with the Atlanta Hawks, averaging 17.7 points and 8.7 boards per.

6. Kevin Durant dunks over James Harden
Perhaps James Harden should have resorted to playing his usual style on defense: not playing defense.
It certainly would have helped him in this situation, helping him to avoid getting dunked on by his former teammate, who just so happens to be a 6-10 forward who can do just about everything on the floor.

5. DeAndre Jordan climbs Mt. Dalembert
Hasn’t Samuel Dalembert learned anything from Brandon Knight? When the ball is lofted in your direction, it’s best just to move out of the way and let nature take its course. Instead, Dalembert froze, and DeAndre Jordan rose up on his back to slam through the powerful alley-oop.

4. Ray Allen shows off his remaining hops on Kent Bazemore
Ray Allen has been displaying some impressive old man hops this year. Although his three-point shooting is down compared to previous seasons, he’s getting to the rim and finishing as well as he has in years.
Kent Bazemore, Golden State’s hype-man/point guard, may want to go back to celebrating on the bench from now after getting dunked on by a 38-year-old.

3. Greg Monroe dunks over John Wall
John Wall tried to use all of his 6-4 frame and athleticism to block the dunk of Greg Monroe, but ultimately failed in rejecting the 6-11 power forward.

If there’s a new phenomenon of big men running the break and finishing, then I’m all for it. The game could use some more 7-footers with ballhandling skills.

2. DeMarcus Cousins finishes the fast break with a poster
Omri Casspi must have had some sort of death wish to attempt to stop DeMarcus Cousins, listed at 6-11 and 270 pounds, from barreling down the lane to finish off a fast-break dunk. It’s not as if this is Cousins’ first time finishing off such a play. He arguably has the best handles in the league for a player at his position and has been known for running fast breaks and finishing them with authority.

Like many of the players who end up getting posterized, Casspi didn’t do his homework.

1. Wilson Chandler reaches back for the one-handed alley-oop
Usually in games involving the Miami Heat, it’s LeBron James throwing down the one-handed alley-oop. This time around, it’s Wilson Chandler, the Denver Nuggets ultra-athletic small forward taking the honors of throwing down the sickest alley-oop of the game, as well as the top spot on this week’s top ten.

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