Nets, Celtics Get Into A Brawl In Boston; James Harden Has An Awful Reunion In OKC

11.29.12 7 years ago
With so much softness leaking into the modern game, we’re always anxious to annoint the next great rivalry. Where is the next Bulls-Knicks going to come from? Or the next Sacramento-Los Angeles? Everyone loves when players get a little nasty, and last night in Boston, the Celtics and Nets put on the first real throwdown of the season. Late in the first half, the Celtics weren’t getting any foul calls, and were getting run off their own floor. The Nets were frustrated as well, particularly Gerald Wallace, who had just gotten popped in the mouth and didn’t get a whistle. So Kris Humphries took a shot at Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo came in to defend his big man, and soon half the players on the floor were in the stands, Humphries and Rondo were at each other’s throats, Garnett and Wallace were on the edge of putting up some real punches, and we had the extra juice needed for a rivalry. Humphries and Wallace both picked up their second technicals and were tossed, and Rondo was thrown out as well for starting the whole thing, which ended his double-digit assist streak at 37 … Tommy Heinsohn had a particular problem with official Kane Fitzgerald all night. In the closing moments, the animated Boston announcer said about Fitzgerald that someone should “take his Irish citizenship away.” Then when Mike Gorman, his broadcast partner, noted one particular bad call where Fitzgerald mistook something on the Celtics’ side, Tommy responded, “Well that shows how stupid he is!” … As for the actual game, it was a merciless 95-83 win for Brooklyn. They handled Boston all night, getting a surprising 47 combined points from Andray Blatche, C.J. Watson… and Jerry Stackhouse … Need a reason why the Bobcats are still the Bobcats? On their final few possessions in a 94-91 loss in Atlanta, they looked like something out of a JV high school game before Ben Gordon (26 points, seven triples) somehow made a double-pumping triple over a double-team. On the following possession, Charlotte threw away the inbounds pass. Then on their last chance, they couldn’t get it to Gordon, and instead Byron Mullens took and missed a desperation heave. On their final four possessions with the game on the line, they got two bad shots, a turnover, and lucked into a ridiculous Ben Gordon shot. We guess the Bobcats aren’t so different this year after all … And the Wizards finally won a game, snapping a 12-game losing streak to start the season. They beat Portland by a bucket at home. The Blazers final play consisted of an isolation for a colder-than-ice Damian Lillard (6-for-21 shooting, 20 points). The rook got into the lane, and then threw a really tough pass that turned into a J.J. Hickson (15 points, 19 rebounds) fadeaway. Even against Washington, that’s not going to get it done … After it was over, Emeka Okafor caught a Wizards fan who was so excited that he fell over the railing by the player tunnel, per @SarahKogod … Keep reading to hear about why Michael Jordan won’t be invited back to a particular golf course …

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