Brooklyn Nets Website Hacked To Point To Boston Celtics Website

Sometime last night, a hacker decided to have a little fun at the expense of the url Nets.com. When you type Nets.com into your browser’s address bar, it now leads to the Celtics’ website. We’re guessing the hacker is based somewhere in New England, and this might not last for long, but right now you can’t go to Nets.com without it then pointing towards Boston’s site.


Some readers have pointed out that the official website for the Nets is BrooklynNets.com, which was not targeted in the attack. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


The Boston Celtics, in an effort to rebuild, made a blockbuster trade with the Brooklyn Nets on draft night. The move means they’re firmly rebuilding as they accrue draft picks for the future and hired new coach Brad Stevens. The trade also allows the Nets to contend for a championship next season.

On draft night this offseason the Celtics traded Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry and D.J. White to Brooklyn for Gerald Wallace‘s awful contract, Kris Humphries‘ expiring deal, Marshon Brooks, Keith Bogans, and three future first-round picks in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

One disgruntled Boston fan, figuring this would be a good way to stick it to the team that took so much talent from their beloved Celtics, has jiggered Nets.com to point to Celtics.com. Check out what happens when you type Nets.com into your browser’s address bar:

Go ahead and try it yourself.

You can go to NBA.com/Nets and that will take you to their official website, but simply typing Nets.com still brings you to the Celtics website, as of this writing.

This isn’t the first time the Nets have had their website hacked. In October of 2012, NBA.com/Nets was hacked and a cutting message was left for owner, Mikhail Prokhorov.

We’re not sure if last night’s joke on Nets.com is the same diabolical mind behind that earlier hack, but it’s certainly made the Boston – Brooklyn trade even more interesting.

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