New “Identical Plays” Video With Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan

Last summer, YouTube’s Youssef Hannoun uploaded a video featuring nearly identical clips of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. You see them hitting turnarounds, driving to the bucket, and floating across the lane the exact same way, from the exact same positions on the court. Even the soundbites about the two players matched up. Today comes the sequel to “Identical Plays.”

The first iteration of “Identical Plays” has rung up close to 3 million hits on YouTube so far, but Youssef, perhaps as bored during the off-season as most NBA heads, decided to edit a follow-up.

Here’s the original:

The sequel starts off with Phil Jackson‘s recent comments comparing the two stars he coached. The media has been comparing them for years already, but it was fascinating to finally hear the Zen Master open up about their similar personalities and games.

The best part of the sequel is the ending, which shows Jordan celebrating his second championship over Portland by jumping on the scorer’s table after the game—and with the confetti raining down—pumping his fist while holding up two fingers. After Kobe and Pau Gasol defeated the Celtics in 2010 for their second title in as many years, Kobe did the exact same thing.

Coincidence, or did Kobe take his childhood love for MJ to an unhealthy extreme? Or maybe they just both loved dancing on the scorer’s table after winning a championship on their home floor?

What do you think of the Kobe and MJ similarities?

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