New Kobe Bryant Nike Commercial Proves He’d Make a Pretty Demanding Coach

It takes a lot to be a champion. Nobody knows that better than Kobe Bryant. The 34-year-old Bryant, he turns 35 later this month, is coming off an Achilles tear that has many believing he’s done as a top player. But Bryant’s work ethic has him shattering the normal recovery time, and it’s that same work ethic he tries to instill in some young Chinese players at 4 a.m. in this new Nike spot from Shanghai.

Kobe demands so much of himself it’s hard to imagine playing for him as a coach. This new Nike commercial proves he won’t relent in his drive for perfection on a basketball court. Whether he’s playing or coaching, he always wants to be the best. Bean’s hyper-competitive striving for greatness also includes telling these young Chinese ballers they’ve been playing “awful” during a 4 a.m. practice.

How would Kobe Bryant be as a coach?

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