Nick Young’s GF, Iggy Azalea, Admits Their First Date Was At Target

The oft-quoted and borderline genius at self-marketing, Nick Young, has a famous girlfriend, Australian singer Iggy Azalea. Recently, Azalea admitted she had an unusual request for their first date: she asked Swaggy P to take her shopping at Target.

Appearing on the Breakfast Club Radio Show, Azalea described her first date with the shooting stud for the Lakers:

“I was like ‘Target is my favorite place! I want to go to Target!’ So I made him,” Azalea said. “You can learn so much about someone at Target.”

So what did the Lakers jester and Australian songstress peruse at Target, and what did Azalea learn about Young from their Target sojourn?

“What kind of quilts are you into? What’s you favorite movies? What kind of snacks do you like?”

For the record, the inchoate couple didn’t actually dine at Target (they have dining?). Azalea prefaced her tale by saying they went to a restaurant with linen on the table after the Target trip. But while with Young at Target, she ended up purchasing some socks and a ring pop while stealing the heart of Swaggy P.


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