Is This An Example Of The Lakers’ Nick Young ‘Shaqtin A Fool’ In ‘NBA 2K16’?

It’s impossible to think of Nick Young as just an NBA basketball player. He didn’t start a single game for a woeful, 21-win Lakers team last year and his allergies to defense and efficient shot selection have been well documented.

However, Swaggy isn’t some boring collection of bromides about the game, either. Inside the NBA‘s “Shaqtin’ a Fool” has featured most of his on-court gems over the years as Kenny, Chuck, Ernie and the segment’s eponymous narrator showed off his goofball maneuverings. Perhaps that’s why 2K engineers have included the above hijinks in their newest iteration of the game.

As you can see from the grainy upload, Young is stealing the high-five Anderson Varejao is trying to give LeBron James. It fulfills any wacky Nick Young quotient casual basketball fans would want in a 2K release, but there’s no word on whether they’ve got him spinning a full revolution on layup attempts.

The video was uploaded in July of this year, so it’s more-than-possible it comes from NBA 2K15. Regardless, it still seems to sum Young up nicely in video game form.

However, if the 2K engineers are reading, we’d like to see a sequence where J.R. Smith unlaces someone’s sneakers every 100 times a player takes a free throw against the Cavs.

(Video via VladCR7; H/T Ballislife)