Nick Young Says Jeremy Lin “Could Focus On Passing A Little More”

02.17.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

The dreary Los Angeles Lakers are comprised of many players with notable shoot-first tendencies, but none are known for chucking more than Nick Young. Not that he realizes that depressing reality, of course. But who can blame a man who calls himself Swaggy P for lacking self-awareness?

In a story detailing the struggles of Los Angeles point guard Jeremy Lin, several teammates offered different takes on the 26 year-old’s inconsistent performance. No Laker’s assessment, though, was as unintentionally hilarious as Young’s.

Here’s Swaggy P via Los Angeles Daily News:

“I know it’s his contract year, but he could’ve focused on passing a little more,” Young said of Lin. “Especially when Kobe [Bryant] was out there, [Jeremy] needed to drop dimes.”

Hello, pot and kettle. Meet Swaggy P.

We understand that the traditional role of a point guard and shooting guard are drastically disparate. Floor generals are supposed to create offense for others far before themselves, the thinking goes. But that’s an outdated opinion when it comes to the modern game, let alone a player of Lin’s skill-set and basketball id.

“Linsanity” wasn’t about producing points for other New York Knicks, after all, and of the many reasons why the Houston Rockets traded Lin last summer is that he was miscast as a spot-up shooter and tertiary creator for Kevin McHale’s team. Anyone expecting the Harvard product to suddenly sprout the passing ability and court sense of Steve Nash was fooling themselves.

But that’s nothing new for Young, whose own ball-hogging ways and defensive woes have contributed to his in-season slide down Byron Scott’s rotation. The guy is a talented shot-maker and genius off-court personality, but also downright delusional on occasion.

Swaggy’s loaded assessment of Lin’s labors is just the latest example.

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