Who Is Nick Young’s Top 3-Point Shooter Ever? Himself, Of Course

11.19.14 5 years ago

Confidence is of utmost importance to athletes, and Nick Young might have more of it than any player in basketball. Asked to name his top-five three-point shooters of all-time, Swaggy P rattled off a list that included a few legends and a record-breaking pair of teammates. But who ranks first? Himself, of course.

It’s typically amusing that the 29 year-old would say he’s the greatest long-range marksmen in league history. That’s awesome and needs no further assessment. But why must Steph Curry and Klay Thompson share a spot? Aren’t they single entities? We don’t get it, but it’s just more evidence that Swaggy P – with the possible exception of teammate Kobe Bryant – is the best quote in the NBA.

Whether he likes three-pointers or not, Byron Scott surely hopes Young proves worthy of his boasts on the court. Swaggy was 2-of-4 from range in the Lakers’ win last night, not too far off the pace he predicted at which Scott scoffed:

62.5 percent shooting on eight long-range tries per game? That’s about what it will take over a full season for Young to belong in any conversation concerning the best three-point shooters ever. Possible? No. Would it be fun to see Swaggy P try and achieve? Definitely.

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