Nikola Mirotic Is Out Until The All-Star Break After Undergoing An Appendectomy

Yet another injury certainly won’t help the wildly inconsistent Chicago Bulls live up to expectations. The basketball gods, though, are frowning on the Windy City’s team yet again.

Chicago announced on Wednesday that forward Nikola Mirotic will be sidelined at least three weeks after undergoing an appendectomy. Pertinent details of the team’s release on the matter are below.

Bulls forward Nikola Mirotić was diagnosed with an acute appendicitis. An appendectomy was performed earlier today at Rush University Medical Center and went as expected.


He is expected to return after the All Star Break.

Mirotic was moved back to the bench earlier this month after Fred Hoiberg made him the Bulls’ starting small forward just before Christmas. The sophomore’s total numbers since being removed from the opening lineup – 8.2 points and 4.7 rebounds rebounds per game on 35.7 percent shooting – aren’t any better than his substandard season-long marks.

He combined for 32 points and 14 rebounds in his team’s past two games, though, giving Chicago fans hope that the struggling marksman could still make good on an impressive debut season with an impactful 2015-16. But needless to say, substantial time away from the floor won’t help Mirotic find any lasting footing – despite the likelihood of an imminent full recovery.

(Via Bulls)