Isiah Thomas Secretly Trying Make the Knicks the New “Big 3”

According to the New York Daily News, Isiah Thomas has been working behind the scenes in an effort to bring Chris Paul to the Knicks. Though Thomas doesn’t have an official position with the Knicks, apparently he’s doing his best to form the next “Big 3.” The New York media got hold of this CP-to-NYC thing and just won’t let it go, huh? For a while, Paul looked like he was gone from New Orleans. Then no one was sure. Then he wanted out again. Now, he looks safe. But with the state of that franchise, we guess you can never be quite sure. And with a new CBA looming, CP is just as likely to end up anywhere else in the NBA than in New York. Unless of course, Thomas truly is a magician. Then again, wasn’t he bringing LeBron to NYC? If CP3 were to come to New York, would this be the best “Big 3” in the NBA? Or do The Heatles down in South Beach still hold the crown? … Bo McCalebb (who is actually from New Orleans) dropped 23 points and Macedonia somehow beat Lithuania 67-65 to move into the semis of the EuroBasket. Now all they have to do is beat Spain and they’re in the London Olympics. Macedonia. Say it again. The problem with that is Spain just destroyed Slovenia, sleepwalking for the first half before hitting them with a 36-14 third quarter to win easily. Pau Gasol (19 points, 16 rebounds) and Juan Carlos Navarro (26 points) did the damage … Michael Jordan was recently fined $100K for public comments he made last month in regards to the NBA lockout and one of the league’s players. Jordan’s comments were made in an August 19th interview with The Herald Sun, where he spoke extensively about the need for revenue sharing. Jordan also mentioned Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut during the interview … Does anyone remember Stanley Roberts? We barely even do. But this is a great read on the Eddy Curry before Eddy Curry nonetheless … If you had to guess, who do you think was faded the most at John Wall‘s 21st birthday party?Glen Rice, that’s right, Glen Rice, apparently had an affair with Sarah Palin in 1987 – less than one year before her marriage to her husband Todd, the snow mobile racer. In Joe McGinniss’s new book “The Rogue: Searching For The Real Sarah Palin,” Rice allegedly had an affair with the Governor while he was at Michigan during a tournament in Alaska. Palin was fresh out of college and was working as a sports reporter in Anchorage. Both went on to do some pretty big things during their heydays, but it’s good to know before all that, they were putting the moves on each other. As Bobby Hurley tweeted: G Rice had great range but Alaska that’s deep. This had us interested until that Scarlett Johansson booty pic popped up … NBA 2K12 is hitting the video game scene with news nearly every day now, and the latest has to do with a new game mode called “NBA: Creating A Legend”. It’s a lot like My Player, except you control a player already in the NBA. It’s up to you who you want to control and how you take their career. You can turn Jamal Crawford into the best defensive player in the game or you can make Shane Battier a team cancer who steals shots from everyone else. Basically, you can do anything … … And the Dime Ultimate Movie Baller tournament is moving on. There were two great matchups yesterday between two money guards (Kyle Lee Watson and Billy Hoyle) and two NBA movie studs (Butch McRae and Lewis Scott). Who’d you take? … We’re out like Sarah Rice.

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