OKC’s Steven Adams Shows Off His Incredible New Mustache (Pic)

Last summer we got a chance to talk to Steven Adams about some of his favorite electronic music out of his native New Zealand. He was a pleasure to talk with and our appreciation for him only grew as he turned into the brawny instigator the Thunder needed as a backup big come playoff time. The 70’s mustache he grew over the offseason, though, has somehow intensified or interest in the center, and perhaps wins the award for best summer style change.

Adams only really caught on with national audiences when he shook his own hand after getting ignored by Clippers forward Byron Mullens, somehow tricked Jordan Hamilton into getting ejected without really hitting Adams at all, and — most famously of all — annoyed Zach Randolph so much during the playoffs, Z-Bo was tossed from Game 7 after smacking lightly taping Adams in the face.

However, Adams’ face will now be famous for a different reason.

This pic, by way of reddit’s r/NBA community, is all you really need to know about how the Thunder Big prepared before his second season in the NBA.

So. Freakin. Awesome. Not exactly Magnum PI, but close.

According to ESPN’s Royce Young, Adams is only rocking the ‘stache for the media guide pic:

Royce is also taking full credit for the look, after tweeting about the need for a Selleck ‘stache on the rookie last season:

Now all Adams needs is someone to photoshop in a tasty hero and a waterfall and he’s set for an online explosion.

What do you think?

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