Orlando Forgot How To Play Basketball; Tim Duncan Never Forgets How To Play Ball

01.24.12 6 years ago 98 Comments
Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce, Dime #5

Who stole Orlando’s offense? With the Celtics reeling from injuries and actually giving legit minutes to people like Sasha Pavlovic and E’Twaun Moore, the Magic could’ve stepped on their necks. Instead, they folded like a bad hand, scoring only 56 for the game and leaving Boston with a 31-point L on their foreheads. 56 points sounds awful. But 20 second half points and 24 percent shooting for the game sounds even worse. Dwight Howard had 18 and 14, but didn’t even make a shot in the second half while Paul Pierce and Brandon Bass dropped 19 to lead all scorers … Avery Bradley might not be a player yet, but he’s getting there. The guard forced Zombie Jameer to turn it over three times in the back-court in the third quarter alone, and the Celtic announcers started calling him a weapon on defense and comparing him to when Rajon Rondo first came into the league: a non-scoring difference-maker. Eventually, Tommy settled on “Scoring is superfluous.” Oh, you mean the way they keep track of who wins and loses? We were with you all the way, Tommy, until that … Funny moment at the start of the third quarter. Dwight went one-on-one against KG in the post, and went across to his right for his jump hook. Mike Gorman immediately asked Tommy, “Can you call that a jump hook?” and was honestly perturbed about what exactly it was. Score one for the “Dwight Howard has no offensive game whatsoever” crowd … Just a few possessions later, Dwight Howard and Jermaine O’Neal got into it. They did a whole lot of talking, a whole lot of posturing and the announcers were doing a whole lot of overreacting. Then the refs had to go back to instant replay to check on who put their finger in someone else’s face first. We love the new NBA … Make that seven wins in a row for Memphis, using a 28-7 fourth quarter run to come from 20 down to beat Golden State 91-90. The run culminated in a one-footed fadeaway from Rudy Gay (who scored 23 while looking like he was back in high school with the short hair and headband) to put Memphis up three with under 30 seconds left … Best jump ball of the season: Marc Gasol versus Nate Robinson. It took forever, and Robinson was jumping prematurely so hard that Steph Curry had to hide his face, cracking up on the bench. Curry (18 points) definitely wasn’t all the way back. On one second quarter possession, he shot an air ball on a layup, got it back, and then shot another wind-raiser from deep … Portland ran away from the Kings, behind big nights from Jamal Crawford (26 points) and Gerald Wallace (20 points), continuing their trend of looking like Nia Long one night and Maggie Gyllenhaal the next … According to the announcers, J.J. Hickson hasn’t found his role yet in Sacramento “because the guards are always shooting it.” Then a few minutes later, they said after Jimmer made a three: “If they can ever pass the ball enough to get it to Jimmer, he can score.” We love it when announcers get it right … Speaking of Jimmer, part of the reason why Crawford went off was because the Kings kept trying to let the man (as well as Isaiah Thomas) check Crawford … … Keep reading to hear about Tim Duncan’s best game of the season …

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