Orlando Magic Turning Down Every Offer for Dwight Howard; Talks Now Dead

The Orlando Magic have two things that no other team involved in the Dwight Howard Sweepstakes have at the moment: Dwight Howard and time. At least for right now. The clock is ticking (the trade deadline will be here before we know it), but the Magic are choosing to be picky in their demands for Howard – as they should be.

The latest news being reported is that Orlando’s on-again, off-again dialogue with the New Jersey Nets (and multiple other teams), is that conversations are dead – for now – despite the Nets’ most recent offer of a monster collection of assets.

Chad Ford is saying that the Nets not only offered Brook Lopez, but also their first round pick in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, AND the Rockets‘ first rounder in 2012. That’s just an insane package of assets, especially considering the strength of this year’s draft class.

So if that doesn’t get it done for Orlando, I’m not really sure what else the Nets can possibly offer them.

But again, Orlando has all of the leverage for the moment, while teams like the Nets are desperate – and it shows (the reality of have to open up the checkbook to overpay Kris Humphries to play center is starting to set in for Billy King). Orlando is still able to sit back and wait for exactly the offer they want.

I would assume with this latest development, the full focus will be squarely back on Chris Paul again …

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