We Tested Outback’s NCAA Tournament-Themed Monstrosity And It Was Annoyingly Good

03.17.17 2 years ago

The NCAA Tournament is far more than just a basketball tournament to determine a collegiate national champion. It’s a cultural phenomenon. March Madness is something everyone knows about and has become an opportunity for corporations to come up with some clever basketball-themed item to take advantage of everyone’s hoops fever.

There have been plenty of examples in 2017, like Pizza Hut’s “Pie Tops” (shoes that order pizzas), and Outback’s 3-Point Bloom appetizer. The latter piqued my interest because it is one of the most ridiculous food items we’ve seen in a very long time, as it’s a Bloomin’ Onion, already a beast of a fried onion, that they topped with cheese fries and a bunch of small pieces of steak.

The initial reaction was that this was a disgusting, gluttonous, unnecessary creation at north of 3,000 calories. However, there was also intrigue, because I like all three of the ingredients quite a bit. Fried onions, cheese fries and steak are all very good on their own, so I went and tried it out of curiosity to see if this monstrosity would actually taste good, or be way too much all happening at once.

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