These Innovative ‘Past Meets Present’ Jersey Designs Are Absolutely Awesome

The NBA’s licensing agreement with adidas expires at the end of the 2016-17 season, with Nike taking their place as the designer and manufacturer of the league’s apparel. This likely means new jerseys or renovations of current jerseys for most, if not all, teams. But what should these jerseys look like? Should Nike, in their first year, stick with what’s worked, or do they try and put their stamp on the NBA right away?

Maybe, since hints of retro are all the rage today, Nike could take a few pointers from enterprising NBA fan tmac6886, who posted concepts of modern jerseys merged with their predecessors on Imgur. The Memphis Grizzlies and the Denver Nuggets versions might be the cream of the crop.

The entire gallery is definitely worth checking out.

Some of the mergers don’t quite work (the Brooklyn Nets, for example, looks like an old All-Star jersey, though that’s not the fault of the creator) as well as the others, but they’re all entertaining. Most teams don their throwback jerseys a few times a season, but it’d be really cool to see a team try for one of these “past-meets-present” versions all year-round.

(Via Imgur, via r/nba user skiff6886]