Patrick Beverley Made Fun Of Someone Who Emailed Adam Silver To Complain About His Foul On Chris Paul

Patrick Beverley will face a one-game suspension at the start of the 2021-22 NBA season because of an incident during the Los Angeles Clippers’ final game of the playoffs. Beverley, who went on to admit that his emotions got the best of him as the Phoenix Suns beat L.A. to earn a spot in the NBA Finals, shoved Chris Paul from behind in the game’s waning moments, which led to him watching the final few minutes from the locker room.

Like most NBA things, the news cycle moves so fast that there’s basically no attention on Beverley anymore. But for one Suns fan, Beverley’s actions demanded an email directly to NBA commissioner Adam Silver. While it’s unclear what was said, it did prompt a response from an NBA employee named Bill, who rehashed the various forms of reprimand Beverley received before expressing that the league views player safety as one of its priorities.

Regardless of what the original email said, Beverley ended up seeing this, presumably because it was put on Twitter and, I imagine, he was made aware of its existence. In response, Beverley quote tweeted this and used a few emojis to get a pretty clear point across.

At the very least, this lets everyone know that if you try to email Adam Silver, someone else is probably going to respond.