Patrick Beverley Appears To Steal Taco Bell Skills Challenge

BROOKLYN—If you know Patrick Beverley, then it’s probably because he was hounding your favorite point guard. On All-Star Saturday Night, Beverley took home the trophy for the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, after falling behind in two rounds, including the final against Brandon Knight.

Beverley’s ball handling, passing and ability to knock down the three from the top of the arc don’t have any relation to his defense.

After falling behind against Jeff Teague during the second round, he purposefully got in his way while the chuckling Hawks point was trying to past him to the opposite basket. Teague missed a few after arriving early, and Beverley hit his first to move on to the championship round.

Beverley fell behind in the championship against Brandon Knight, too, again struggling to find the circular bullseye in the passing portion.

It even seemed like Beverley failed to complete the passing station before going to the other basket. But with officials on the scene, we think Pat hit the bullseye and it bounced out, and the ref told him to move on. Regardless, if Knight hadn’t been lollygagging, he could have put Beverley away, easy.

“I hope Coach [Kevin] McHale is watching,” the Rockets point guard said after the win. “Maybe I can get some plays now.”

Beverley, so reknowned for this defense, can now — indisputably — be called the greatest player in the entire galaxy.

[Videos via NBA Game Recap]