Paul George Didn’t Let A Defender Stop Him From Throwing Down A Thunderous Dunk

01.29.17 2 years ago

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A word to the wise, Clint Capela: if you’re going to try and stop Paul George from dunking on you, you’re gonna need to try a little bit harder than this.

Indiana and Houston are facing off against one another on Sunday night. During the third quarter, George blew right by Trevor Ariza and was about to be met at the rim by Capela. George had two options: he could either do some crafty move to get around the Rockets’ big man, or he could just go up and put Capela on a poster.

Of course, George picked that second thing, and my goodness, did Capela get embarrassed on this one. The thing is he defended this about as well as he could, George just did something that’s impossible to defend. There aren’t many players who can stop George when he gets some momentum behind him and is able to elevate, so there really isn’t any shame in getting yammed on by Indiana’s superstar forward.

But at the same time, this was disgusting. That’s obvious by the reactions from George – who just stood there and screamed for a second – and the Pacers’ bench. Next time this happens, Capela, just get out of the way and let PG13 cook.

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