Paul Pierce Was With Julian Edelman ‘Minutes Before’ The Patriots WR Was Arrested For Jumping On A Car

According to a report by TMZ Sports that was eventually confirmed by Beverly Hills police, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was arrested on Saturday night. Edelman, who is slated to undergo surgeries this offseason to correct shoulder and knee injuries, was hit with a misdemeanor vandalism charge after he jumped on the roof of someone’s Mercedes.

The incident occurred on the same night that Edelman was hanging out in L.A. with former Patriots teammate Danny Amendola and ex-Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce. We know this because Pierce posted a picture to his Instagram account of the trio at a Beverley Hills restaurant.

In a twist that no one could have possibly seen coming, Pierce also used his Instagram account to tell the world that Edelman did, indeed, hop onto the roof of a car. The future Hall of Fame inductee was asked about where this picture fit into the timeline of the evening, and in response, he admitted that this happened right before that went down, although Pierce did stress that Edelman has “street cred through the roof now.”

Andrew Callahan of the Boston Herald reports that Edelman was released with a citation and has to return to Los Angeles for a date in a courtroom in April.