Paul Pierce Picked A Fight With A Fox Sports 1 Analyst Who Knocked The Former Celtics Great’s Legacy

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It’s been said that the truth shall set a person free. Judging from Paul Pierce’s latest tweet, The Truth may end up setting someone on fire (metaphorically) in fewer than 280 characters.

Much has been made of Pierce’s unwillingness to share the spotlight with Isaiah Thomas when the Cavaliers guard returns to Boston, as it will be Paul Pierce Night. Fox Sports’ Nick Wright took the eventual Hall Of Famer to task for this, highlighting that Thomas’ last season in Celtics green was better than any individual season that Pierce had.

Wright went even further in claiming that the only person that doesn’t properly get the historical context of Paul Pierce was in fact, Pierce himself.

Pierce tweeted a response to Wright , “this guy who is he.”

The former Celtic has a point: while Thomas may statistically have a stronger case in a single season over Pierce, it shouldn’t overshadow the consistent excellence that Pierce showed during his tenure in Boston.

As highlighted above, Paul Pierce averaged 25, 6 and 3 over a full campaign — after he’d be stabbed in a Boston nightclub. The fact that Wright chose to highlight Thomas’ excellence last season — just one season — does a disservice to both Thomas and Pierce, as they were equally important cornerstones in building dominance for their respective teams, where there was little to none prior to their arrivals.

The best-case scenario for both Pierce and Wright is that they settle this like gentlemen and have a conversation over the phone about Wright possibly overreaching to make a point. If not, someone is sure to violate their respective employer’s social media policy, which is nothing but bad news for both men going forward.