Paul Pierce Tebows The Hawks; Kobe Bryant Eats The Nuggets

05.02.12 7 years ago
No Rajon Rondo. No Ray Allen. No Ben Affleck, Brian Scalabrine or Steve Carell either. None of it mattered because The Truth was in rare form for Boston last night, going bonkers in the second half and even getting all biblical on us in the Celtics’ 87-80 win. After hitting two free throws to put the Celtics up seven with just over a minute to go, Pierce backpedaled to midcourt and then bent down and started Tebowing. That was a new low for the Truth (who set the tone for the game with Boston’s first nine points), worse than showing up to a press conference with bandages around your face as if you were an extra in Saving Private Ryan, or flashing gang signs in the middle of a game. That was something Terrell Owens would do (On the other hand, Avery Bradley was “Piercing” earlier in the game by faking an injury). Jokes aside, Pierce was dominant, especially in the second half. He finished with 36 points, 14 rebounds and four assists, and probably just saved the Celtics’ season. Between Pierce and Boston’s vaunted defense, Boston won the fourth quarter by a dozen. As for Atlanta, they went 11-for-39 from the floor (4-for-19 in the fourth) in the second half. The Celtics put the lobster clamps on them. By the time Pierce was Tebowing, Hawks fans were lining up to leave. Really? In a playoff game that was still semi-close? Joe Johnson had 22 and Josh Smith went for 16 and 12, but neither came through when it counted. Smith actually left the game in the fourth with a sprained knee. Man, adidas just can’t catch any luck right now can they? … The back and forth between Jeff Teague and Avery Bradley was super fun. Bradley had an incredible block on the break against the ATL PG in the first quarter. Then just a few possessions later, Teague had one of the best blocks we’ve seen this year. As Keyon Dooling was taking a triple from the corner, Teague was racing from the other side of the court off a defensive rotation, and finished off the play with one of the cleanest blocks we’ve seen on a jump shot in a long time … Speaking of Dooling, he hit a three-pointer in the second half that had added value because it was the first triple of the entire series for Boston. Seriously, they went 0-for-19 before that, and didn’t hit a three-pointer during the series’ first 78 minutes … The NBA named Gregg Popovich the Coach of the Year yesterday after leading his ragtag San Antonio team to the best record in the West. This is the second time he’s won the award. The other was in 2003, another Spurs’ championship year … And who caught the debut trailer last night for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? Honestly, it was pretty freaky because we could legit see all of it happening: Technology turning against us. Let’s hope we all hit the bricks before machines start growing brains … Keep reading to hear how Kobe went crazy in Los Angeles …

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