The Pelicans Found A Breathtaking Way To Lose To The Suns

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The New Orleans Pelicans and Phoenix Suns faced off on Saturday night in a matchup of teams that are not making the playoffs — the Suns are the only team in the Western Conference that have been mathematically eliminated, while the Pelicans need to get on an all-time hot streak while the four teams ahead of them in the standings collapse spectacularly.

The game didn’t attract too terribly many eyeballs outside of New Orleans and Phoenix, but it featured as stunning of an ending as you will see. The Suns came out on top in overtime, 138-136, despite trailing by three points with less than two seconds to go. The Pelicans were up three but opted not to foul, which gave way to Josh Jackson hitting a triple.

Not the end of the world, right? Well, New Orleans called a time out to try and get their ducks in a row and set up a last shot. This is what proceeded to happen.

As everyone who knows anything about Chris Webber can tell you, calling a time out when you do not have one leads to a technical foul. That’s exactly what happened here — Devin Booker coolly stepped up to the line, drilled both of his free throws, and gave Phoenix its fifth win in eight games. As for the Pelicans, they’d be wise to memory hole this one right away, although this was a good reminder to keep track of your team’s time out situation at all times.