Robert Sarver Is Reportedly Threatening To Move The Suns If Phoenix Won’t Approve Arena Renovations

12.12.18 6 months ago

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Will the Suns be in Phoenix forever? Potentially no. Team owner Robert Sarver is looking to upgrade Talking Stick Resort Arena, but he doesn’t appear to have the votes to get the approval for the $150 million renovations being asked for. Most team owners would respond to this by doing some groundwork, talking to council members, and selling a city on why they need to upgrade the arena. It’s something that a good team owner does.

Sarver is not a good team owner. His response is to try and strong arm Phoenix into voting for renovations with no basis for his threats. When it became apparent that Sarver wasn’t going to get the votes he needed, he reportedly started calling as many people as possible to try and convince them of the deal. He also threatened to move the team to Seattle or Las Vegas, two very popular locations owners like to use as a bargaining chip in arena deals, via Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic.

Sources tell me City Manager Ed Zuercher is hoping the City Council will agree to postpone the vote, rather than potentially suffering a lopsided defeat that could kill future prospects for a deal.

Meanwhile, Sarver is telling city officials that he may take the team to Seattle or Las Vegas, one source told me.

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