I Don’t Wanna Be Here: How The Suns Went From Too Many Point Guards To None

11.28.18 8 months ago

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Five years ago, the Phoenix Suns started a rebuild with an interesting experiment: could the Suns run a functional offense with two full-time point guards, Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic? On a team bereft of real perimeter talent, it made sense to play Phoenix’s two best players as much as possible to evaluate them for the future.

Incredibly, the Suns won 48 games, missed the playoffs by one loss, and then all hell broke loose. They doubled down on their anomalous two point-guard lineup and set in motion the most ludicrous series of transactions that haunts the team to this day.

Phoenix waived Isaiah Canaan today, after Canaan had started 15 of 20 games at point guard this year. Since the start of the 2014-15 season, Canaan is the 19th point guard the Suns have employed according to Basketball-Reference. That doesn’t even include several nominal shooting guards who handled the point for Phoenix, including Dragic, Brandon Knight, Archie Goodwin, and Jamal Crawford.

Nineteen point guards in five years!

How did a team with two borderline All-Star talents at the one run through more than a full roster of point guards in four years?

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