Nobody Has Ever Wanted To Be Michael Jordan Harder Than This Pickup Basketball Player

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If you were a sports fan as a child, there’s a good chance that you played sports while imagining that you were one of your favorite athletes. Maybe you even mimicked some of their tendencies or borrowed from their gear or signature styles.

For most people, though, that practice usually stops when they get older. In adulthood, the use of imagination tends to shift from envisioning oneself as a famous athlete to merely pretending you really care about your job.

Not this guy, though! This man never grew out of thinking he was Michael Jordan, and he has faithfully devoted himself to his imaginary craft. Not only does he gear up in Jordan’s full Chicago Bulls uniform from the jersey all the way down to the shoes, he also makes sure to have that bald head shined up to go alongside his mustache. Hell, he even shows up in the Bulls warmup with a retro championship hat!

You can make fun of him all you want (lots of people on the internet sure have), but I’m willing to bet you’re not committed to anything as hard as this dude is committed to being Michael Jordan on and off the court. To me, that deserves respect. I bet this guy even has a dope collection of atrocious off-day jeans and wears a helmet while jet skiing.

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