Watch One Of The Most Disrespectful Post-Dunk Stare-Downs Ever

Chance Michels is a 6-foot-1 sophomore at Bishop Gorman high school in Las Vegas, and on a preps squad nationally known as a powerhouse, Michels gave himself a bit of individual attention with a disgusting dunk and staredown.

In the video above, you see Michels create his own lane after a pretty slick spin move at the top of the perimeter. As soon as he comes out of the spin, he’s looking at the rim. He gathers and jumps off one foot, then goes up to throw one down. Unfortunately for the help defender, he arrived a bit late and had a dunk thrown down on his head.

If the dunk wasn’t good enough, Michels takes things up a notch with an epic staredown. I mean, look at the intensity on his face here.

This doesn’t reach the post-dunk disrespect of Shawn Kemp pointing at and standing over Alton Lister or Scottie Pippen walking over Patrick Ewing, but the level of disrespect here is pretty high for a high school sophomore.

Another way to tell how great a dunk is, look at the reaction of the other team. Right behind Michels, one of the teammates has his hand over his head in disbelief.

One time for Chance for throwing down one of the best dunks of the year.