Pray For This: Michael Redd Should End Up With A Contender

It’s been a long road for Michael Redd. From somebody to nobody to somebody to nobody to forgotten, the man once described as the missing link for Team USA may still have a few years left in him. Two devastating knee injuries have limited him to just 61 games the past three seasons, and have had the public wondering for close to two years whether they were career-ending. Now the man who twice averaged over 25 points a night just wants to get back in where he can, and hopefully win some games.

Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal-Times writes:

I’ve heard Milwaukee Bucks management approached Michael Redd before the lockout about returning for another season, although my impeccable sources insist he’s going to wind up with one of the Eastern Conference’s title contenders.

So what exactly does that mean? Well, it means there may be a good chance Redd ends up with one of the following teams: Miami, Chicago or Boston with Orlando, Atlanta and New York as outside shots (depending on who you deem a “contender”). But where should the 31-year-old go? Where is the best fit?

While no one has a clue what changes the next CBA will bring in, the Heat will have to fill out their roster with bit contracts, and vets looking for one last rumble as long as they have those three gargantuan contracts. The Mike Miller signing didn’t really work out the way they wanted it to, and the rest of the team’s perimeter bench is a bunch of tiny point guards. Redd could fill a role with Miami in 15-20 minutes a night, and his deficiencies would be covered up while being surrounded by three or four great athletes. When you have LeBron & D-Wade, you can always use another shooter.

Redd was once Jesus‘ understudy in Milwaukee. It would be ironic if they met up again in the twilight of their careers. Could Boston use another shooter? Of course. But more importantly, they need to get younger and more athletic. With Jeff Green, Paul Pierce and Allen already fighting over minutes, do the Celtics really need another aging former star (Redd will be 32 very soon)?

On first glance, one would assume a marriage could work. Redd would give the Bulls some spunk off the bench, some perimeter shooting next to Derrick Rose. But at this point in his career, would it really be worth it to bring Redd in? Is he better than Chicago’s own assortment of decent-to-average-to-good swingmen (Bogans, Korver, Brewer & Deng)? The Bulls are looking for a starting two guard to get them over the hump, someone who can create some offense so that Rose isn’t left to do it all himself. I’m not sure if Redd can still do that.

Or do you think he fits in better with one of the other East playoff teams like Orlando (they love them some three-point shooters), New York (ditto, and they wouldn’t care that he really can’t move defensively anymore) or Atlanta (where they could definitely use a money shooter)?

Where should Redd go?

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