Serious Drama Brewing with Carmelo in New York; Psycho T Goes Off (Again)

03.19.11 8 years ago 21 Comments

Friday was an absolute bonanza of basketball, both college and pro. NCAA Tournament games all day and a 12-game slate of NBA games had us locked in sitting in front of a TV from noon til after midnight … Arguably the best game of the entire day was the Bulls/Pacers overtime battle in Indy. Two weeks ago it looked like the Pacers’ season was a wrap, but after outlasting Chicago 115-108 last night have now won three of their last four … Seriously, the Tyler Hansbrough thing is starting to become ridiculous. He had another monster game, going for 29 point and 12 boards, and when he fouled out in OT, it seemed like there was a definite “Uh oh, what do we do now?” vibe among the Pacers and their fans … Odd night for Derrick Rose. He tied a career-high with 42 points, but he only had 2 assists in 39 minutes. Yes, the Pacers were doubling him all over the place, but for a guy who has the ball in his hands 80% (maybe more) of the time on Chicago possessions, he needs to be setting up guys better than that … Ty Lawson (nine points, four turnovers) had a nightmare of a game against the Magic. With the Nuggets down two with about 30 seconds to go, Lawson ran a pick-and-pop with Nene that saw Ty throw the ball away. Orlando’s color guy, Matt Goukas, let him have it. “He’s not a point guard,” said Goukas after the turnover. “He’s got point guard size. He played point guard at UNC. But he’s made three straight terrible plays.” A few minutes later, with the game tied at 82, Jameer Nelson got an iso at the top of the key as time was winding down. He took a dribble or two to his left and raised up and buried the three to win … right in Lawson’s face … It’s been a while since LeBron has blown up and completely dominated a game. The Atlanta Hawks got the business from Bron in the worst way last night when he gave them 43 on 61-21 shots, including five threes. James ripped off 23 of those points in the third quarter alone to bust the game open … Read More: Some drama brewing with the Knicks? The Spurs come up with another impressive win and yesterday’s Madness …

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