Rachel Nichols Puts A Stop To Talk About LeBron Sliding Into Her DMs

The phrase “slide into the DMs” has taken on a number of forms ever since it first popped up a few years ago. To many people, it means “hit someone up on Twitter via direct message with the hopes of hooking up with a person.”

At the very least, it appears that ESPN’s Rachel Nichols goes by that definition of the phrase, which is fine. What’s not fine is that her ESPN co-worker, Brian Windhorst, tried to use this phrase on live television without, apparently, knowing exactly what it means. This led to Nichols ripping him to shreds while Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady awkwardly looked on.

During Friday’s episode of The Jump, Windhorst pointed out that LeBron James stopped following him on Twitter before mentioning that he still follows Nichols. Windhorst then said that LeBron is sliding into Nichols DMs, which led to Carter making this face…

…and Nichols chastising Windhorst for saying something inappropriate on television. She asked him to take it back – which he did – before saying that Windhorst doesn’t actually know what “slide into the DMs” means. Nichols even made Windhorst admit that he doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase, which was outstanding.

Thankfully this exchange means that we’ll never have to hear Windhorst say “sliding into [person]’s DMs” ever again, because hearing Brian Windhorst say “sliding into [person]’s DMs” was painfully awkward.