Video: Rajon Rondo Names LeBron, Durant &…Himself As Top 3 Players In NBA

Before you lace into Rajon Rondo for his comments in a taped conversation before this season started, keep in mind he isn’t alone — at least in how he ranks himself against the league’s best. Rondo has won a title, and he’s been an All-Star. He is not, however, one of the top 3 players in the league like he said in the video after the jump. Similarly, James Harden isn’t the best all-around player in the NBA, but there’s more at play here than just a surface reaction of indignation.

First, lets set the scene for the below video. It was brought to our attention by NESN.com, who filmed it in training camp or preseason play. In the video they ask the Celtics who the best three players in the NBA were. All of them name LeBron James and Kevin Durant (no one mentions James Harden), and right they should for the regular season MVPs the last two seasons.

But answers vary when they try and think of the third player to put on that list. Evan Turner mentions Paul George before his injury this past summer. Marcus Thornton and James Young list Kobe Bryant, despite the fact Kobe had only played six games within the a year of the video being shot.

It’s Rondo — at the 1:07 mark in the video — who lists himself as one of the three best players in the NBA today.

Rondo isn’t the third best player in the NBA, and James Harden isn’t the best all-around player, but that’s where they want to be. Even though it might come off as hubris or hyperbolic egomania, it’s that type of self-confidence guys at that level — one of the three best players in the world — need.

Still, until Rajon can knock down a free throw, or even a jumper, he’s not in that class; although, he could be. Same goes for Harden and his defense, even if he’s making strides in that area.

(via NESN.com)

Is Rondo crazy, or is this the confidence a top-3 needs to possess?

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