Rajon Rondo Tweets Math Clue He’s Returning Friday

The Celtics will be getting their leader back this week, it appears. While various sources have already targeted this Friday, Jan. 17, as the day Rajon Rondo returns to the court, a tweet he sent on Monday night seems to agree with those sources. So Rondo will most likely be in the Celtics white and green when the dreaded Lakers come to visit the Gahhhden.

Here’s the cleverly disguised tweet Rondo sent out earlier Monday night:


29,233,380 seconds, hmmm… 29,233,380/60/60/24 = 338 days and a little change.

Rondo had his surgery on February 13, 2013, and Jan. 17, 2014 is 338 days later.

HUZZAH, Rondo is coming back! Watch out Lakers, he ain’t no Hansbrough.

The C’s really need their point guard to return, too. They just lost their ninth straight game Monday night when the Rockets came to town.

Are you excited about Rondo’s return?

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