Random Acts Of /r/NBA: If LeBron Ate Three Big Macs A Day For A Season, Would He Still Make The Finals?

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10.27.17 2 Comments


I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret. A large portion of the awesome NBA content you read on the internet or consume on social media, was born on Reddit’s NBA subreddit, /r/NBA.

The user-generated content on /r/NBA ranges from seriously impressive statistical breakdowns from folks who have no interest in money or fame in return for their hours of incredible work, to hilarious posts that the excellent mod team tries to remove as quickly as possible, most of which I’m not ashamed to admit makes me laugh on a regular basis.

In all seriousness, though, /r/NBA is an essential tool for both covering the NBA as a member of the media, and consuming the NBA as a fan. Every highlight, every viral moment, every subtweet, every relevant Instagram like, it all finds its way on to /r/NBA thanks to the army of over 850,000 subscribers. It’s the single most important basketball page on the internet, and I don’t think that is really up for debate.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been lurking on /r/NBA and I found a comment or post that made my jaw drop, with my next reaction being, “More people need to see this.” I wanted an outlet to share Random Acts of /r/NBA, from my perspective, and Dime gave me that outlet.

What I’m trying to do here in Random Acts of /r/NBA is highlight some of the most impressive content and hilarious posts, because this stuff needs to be preserved somewhere. It needs and deserves documentation. Beyond all that, I want people to see what I see. Everyone deserves to know about the magic of /r/NBA.

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