Ray Allen Doesn’t Harbor ‘Any Ill Will’ Toward Paul Pierce And The Celtics

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During a special episode of Area 21 on TNT last season, host Kevin Garnett invited a cadre of former Celtics teammates from their 2008 championship team, with one notable omission. Surprisingly, they weren’t reluctant to address the elephant in the room. Collectively, they spoke about how Ray Allen’s free agency move to the Miami Heat in 2012 has felt like a bad breakup ever since.

Even prior to that, Rajon Rondo announced that Allen would likewise not be extended an invite to his 10-year anniversary vacation celebration of their 2008 title this summer (logistical considerations apparently dictated that the “10-year” celebration be schedule for this summer instead of next).

From the outside looking in, it seems supremely petty. But at least two people involved have decided enough is enough. Allen and Pierce met up over the weekend to “bury the hatchet,” and it appears Allen is willing to go a few steps further.


But just because Pierce and Allen have made nice doesn’t mean Garnett and Rondo will follow suit. They are two of the league’s most extraordinarily strong-willed personalities. Still, it’s nice to see that at least some progress is being made toward reconciliation. Maybe once the 20th anniversary rolls around, we’ll finally see the whole gang back together and on good terms.