Red Bull Wants You to Toss an Alley Oop to Blake Griffin and Shoot With Deron Williams

04.23.13 5 years ago
red bull showcase

Have you ever dreamt of running the break and tossing an alley-oop to Blake Griffin [LIKE THIS] or getting an assist from Deron Williams? Red Bull is giving you the chance to win these once-in-a-lifetime experiences with two of their NBA All-Star athletes with their brand new Red Bull Showcase contest.

To enter, fans must shoot a photo or video based on Blake’s hops or D-Will’s range using their social platform of choice (Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Cinemagram, Tout, Flickr, etc.) as long as they tag it and share to a public Twitter account. Once fans submit an entry, they must visit the contest pages below to claim it for a chance to win.

Fans entering Blake Griffin’s portion of the contest must get creative, showcase their best “dunk,” (this can be interpreted any way you like) and share it to Twitter with the hashtag #DunkLikeBlake. The winner gets an all-expenses paid trip to San Francisco, Calif. where they will get to watch Blake throw down the dunk they created at the 2013 King of the Rock Finals on Alcatraz Island. For more information on Blake’s contest and how to enter visit THIS SITE.

[See where Blake’s work came in on the NBA’S TOP 10 GREATEST FACIAL DUNKS OF ALL-TIME]

To enter Deron Williams’ part of the contest, fans must showcase their best long distance “shot” (again, what that means is up to you) and share it to Twitter with the hashtag #ShootLikeDeron. The winner gets an all-expenses paid trip to Brooklyn, N.Y. where they will get one of D-Will’s signature assists at Red Bull’s Brooklyn’s Got Wings court unveiling. For more information on Deron’s contest and how to enter visit THIS SITE.

The contest starts today at 12 p.m. ET and runs through May 21st. Five finalists for each contest will be chosen for Dime Magazine and Blake or Deron to select the lucky winners. Judging will be based on creativity and originality (50%) and performance and demonstrated skill level (50%).

There’s no limit on entries so get started and get creative. Here’s an important thing though: Entries containing any NBA marks or copyrighted materials will be disqualified, so leave your Clippers and Nets jerseys at home.

To jumpstart your creative process, take a look at some of the best work from Blake and Deron to give a you a look at what inspired this contest.


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