We Reminisce: Rasheed Wallace Ejected For Shouting “Ball Don’t Lie”

Rasheed Wallace turns 40 today. When you think about ‘Sheed, the first thing you probably think about are the technicals and ejections, which were a running theme throughout his career. You also remember his famous sayings, including “ball don’t lie” and many others. On his birthday, we reminisce about our favorite Sheed rejection of all time.

Because of his poor reputation with referees, Sheed rarely got the benefit of the doubt with officials. This is illustrated in full detail in this video while Sheed was with the Portland Trail Blazers:

You can see the tension building between Sheed and referee Ron Garretson throughout the game, to the point where he’s finally given his second technical and ejected from the game for simply staring at Garretson for a foul call.

But the best ejection in the many that Sheed earned in his career might be this one while he was in the New York Knicks:

Here, Sheed earns a first technical, and after the opponent misses the free throw, he shouts out “ball don’t lie” so loudly that it’s the only audible thing in the arena and gets immediately tossed.

It’s the greatest thing ever.

We still miss you, ‘Sheed.

(Videos via Justin Wallace and Rey F)

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