Report: Caron Butler To Sign With The Los Angeles Clippers

Too bad Chicago. And San Antonio. You’ve lost out on a potential swingman who can play defense, make plays off the dribble and won’t screw you in any particular way. You’ve lost out on him to… the Los Angeles Clippers? As my main man Aron Phillips likes to say: “They never sign anyone.” But David Aldridge tweeted just a few moments ago that Caron Butler will sign with the L.A. Clippers for three years and $24 million, and its been confirmed by multiple sources. The question is: is this too little, too late?

Butler is nearly 32, and has watched the injuries pile up lately (he played just 29 games last year) while the numbers fall. Take away last year’s somewhat fluky 43 percent downtown mark, and he had a pretty average season for a starting small forward. By the end of the year, everyone had forgotten the injured Butler was even on Dallas. But still, he should be an upgrade over what the Clippers currently have.

Now that they’ve finally secured a plug for that major small forward hole, is this a playoff team? With New Orleans falling apart and Denver struggling to retain their best players, the up-and-coming L.A. Clippers have a great shot.

Is this a good fit? Are the Clippers a playoff team?

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