Report: DeAndre Jordan Is ‘Eager To Step Into A New Situation’

DeAndre Jordan
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After the Clippers’ implosion against the Rockets, Doc Rivers must shift from coach to GM mode. The Clippers have real depth issues, but their first priority is re-signing prized free agent DeAndre Jordan, and rumors have already begun circulating on the big man’s plans for the offseason.

Sam Amick from USA Today reported that Jordan might be looking for greener pastures come July.

“But there have long been rumblings that Jordan is eager to step into a new situation, one where he’s not always perceived as the third fiddle. He swears by Rivers, which certainly helps, but even his coach admitted there was some concern.”

Jordan’s role may not be the only reason the 26-year-old big man is looking to leave Los Angeles. Chris Paul is known for his insanely competitive drive, but that demanding style may be rubbing his teammates the wrong way. Bill Reiter from Fox Sports reports that Paul and Jordan don’t always see eye-to-eye.

Sources — including two friends of Paul — say he does wear on his teammates, but only because he cares deeply about winning and carries himself as much as a coach as a point guard. The league source familiar with the Clippers organization says both players are great teammates — only, often this season, not with one another. That’s why, the source says, the Dallas Mavericks — considered a major player in the Jordan sweepstakes — could have as good a chance to land Jordan as the Clippers.

Reiter isn’t first person to connect the Mavs to Jordan, either. ESPN’s Marc Stein recently reported that Dallas has major interest in Jordan.

“Sources say that the Mavs, undaunted by any previous whiffs, have already identified at least two prime targets they intend to pursue in July: Dallas native LaMarcus Aldridge and former Texas A&M center DeAndre‎ Jordan.”

July isn’t quite here yet, but the Jordan Sweepstakes are already underway. And rest assured that Mark Cuban will be riding in on his gold chariot to lure DeAndre out of Los Angeles and back home to Texas, too. This is one battle the Clippers simply can’t afford to lose.

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