Report: ESPN Suspended Adrian Wojnarowski After He Told A Senator ‘F*ck You’ In An Email

Woj Bombs are going to be left unlit for a little. According to multiple reports, ESPN has decided to suspend Adrian Wojnarowski for an undetermined amount of time following the headlines that the veteran basketball reporter made earlier this week. The news was first reported by Ryan Glasspiegel of Outkick and eventually confirmed by Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

Earlier this week, United States Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri sent a letter to a collection of media personalities that called on the NBA to, among other things, disclose how much money it makes in China. Wojnarowski apparently received this in his inbox and decided to send Hawley a two-word response that summed up his thoughts on the matter.

A myriad of individuals started to call for some sort of punishment for Wojnarowski. He eventually offered up a statement that apologized for the email — which Hawley, in a corresponding tweet, did not seem to accept — and ESPN sent out a statement of its own that called Wojnarowski’s email “completely unacceptable” and “inexcusable.”

The only detail we know of the suspension is that, per Marchand, it will be unpaid. We do also know that Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams is of the belief that Wojnarowski got a raw deal here.

It is unclear whether or not his suspension will conclude before the NBA’s bubble league in Orlando tips off at the end of the month.