Report: Kevin Durant’s Agent In Serious Talks With European Club

The dominoes are starting to fall pretty quickly. Barely 24 hours since the NBA season was put in jeopardy, it was reported that a team in China is going hard after Jamal Crawford to bring him over to play for them. Now, an even bigger story: Kevin Durant may agree to a deal with the Beko BBL club as soon as tomorrow. According to a article, Durant’s agent has called the German club out of the blue and both sides have been in serious contract negotiations since.

According to Bayreuth GM Manfred Schöttner, a decision could come as early as today or Wednesday. But if we were gamblers, we’d be pretty sure that’s not going to happen because let’s face it, when has any of this stuff ever turned out as predicted? Only once has an actual star gone over – Deron Williams – and the rest have only tossed the idea around. Even with the lockout going down hard this week, we feel like Durant will take his time.

Our friends at k1x sent us that photo composition at right of what KD would look like if he did go overseas to play. We know Durant is a basketball fiend – has there been a charity/summer league game he hasn’t played in yet? This would be his biggest jump yet though.

How does he look in an European jersey?

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