The Knicks Reportedly Won’t Commit To A Rebuild In Trade Discussions

It would take something unforeseen for the Knicks, currently sitting at 10-27, to compete for the playoffs this season. While they’re not even close to being mathematically eliminated, there are major questions about the way the roster is assembled. Add in that New York has already fired the head coach who started the season and their front office uncertainty, and it would take a lot for the Knicks to earn a playoff berth.

As such, the Knicks have been viewed as a potential seller at the trade deadline. The roster is filled with rotation-caliber NBA players, but none of them mesh together particularly well. The Knicks could use these veterans as a way to snag draft picks, young players, and developmental pieces for the future. However, according to Ian Begley of SNY, they may not be ready to go that far yet.

Something worth noting on the trade deadline: Several teams in touch with the Knicks recently came away with the impression that they aren’t solely focused on acquiring draft picks, expiring contracts or young players who have struggled with other teams in trades.

Those teams say the Knicks have shown an interest in acquiring starter-level players who can help the team in the short-term and in future seasons, per sources.

That’s interesting to note because the Knicks are 10-27, tied for the third-worst record in the NBA, and the front office faces a tenuous future because of the team’s poor play.

The Knicks, despite their struggles in recent years, have never gone through an honest rebuild from start to finish. Any time they’ve tried, it’s usually ended too early — such was the case with Kristaps Porzingis, who the Knicks traded with an eye on landing a big-name free agent, something that did not happen. In the event this reporting is true, this once again will be the case.

The Knicks can add talent to the roster, but odds are these additions would only put them within striking distance of the playoffs. Even in a weak Eastern Conference, it’s hard to believe they can, on the fly, put together a stronger team than any of the other squads battling for a spot. For now, the sensible thing is sticking to a plan, even if it means a few more bumps in the road on the way back to consistently being a playoff contender.