Report: “Nothing’s Changed” For Wade and Bosh; Will Make Decisions Soon

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It appears that LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh have approached their free agencies as individuals as opposed to the Miami Heat’s Big Three all along. Wade and Bosh’s agent, Henry Thomas, told that “nothing’s changed” for his star clients and that they would make decisions on their future independently of one another.

Also of crucial note in the report by ESPN’s Michael Wallace is Thomas told him that Wade and Bosh will decide their futures “within the next couple of days.”

The agent for Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh said his clients continue to sort through their options and that “nothing’s changed” in their approach since the July 1 start of free agency.

Chicago-based agent Henry Thomas insisted to on Sunday that Wade and Bosh are dealing with their free agency on individual terms, but that both want to make decisions that give them the best chance to compete for championships the next four seasons the way they have the last four years…

“They appreciate what they’ve done in Miami those four years together, and they want to make sure they have a chance to have that same success the next four (years),” said Thomas, who attended Sunday’s games at the Orlando Pro Summer League. “With Dwyane, he’s been there his entire career, so he’s in a unique situation. Chris has made it known how he’s felt about being in Miami these four years.”…

Thomas insisted that Bosh and Wade are operating under separate circumstances, but expects them to reach decisions on new deals “within the next couple of days.”

That Wade and Bosh are operating as separate free agent entities confirm the overarching takeaway from last week’s report that they are “unsure” of James’ plans. It also adds fuel to the fire that Bosh would prefer getting a maximum contract from another team as opposed to taking a drastic pay-cut to remain in Miami.

The ebb and flow of free agency has been unfavorable to the Heat since the period officially opened on July 1st. When James, Wade, and Bosh all opted-out of their contracts for next season, conventional wisdom was that they did so to take re-structured deals with an assurance from Pat Riley that their supporting cast would be improved as a result. Even news that LeBron insisted on earning a maximum salary from Miami suggested that outcome, too.

But things have taken a far different turn in the interim, with James’ agent talking to several potential suitors serving as free agency’s tipping point. No outcome would would surprise for the Heat now.

Thomas has incentive for saying that Wade and Bosh aren’t acting in concert. If teams – even Miami – believe it’s a foregone conclusion that both players return to South Beach, they’d be less inclined to open up their pocket books to the extent Wade and Bosh deserve. Bosh, in particular, surely wants to be properly courted by interested teams, too.

Regardless, this is just the latest sign of many that the Heat’s future really is up in the air.

Will Wade and Bosh re-sign with Miami?

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