Report: Ray Allen Has Ankle Injuries Because His Calf Muscles Are Too Big

We’re not joking, and Ray Allen doesn’t seem to be either. It’s hard to be an NBA fan and not notice Jesus always had some unordinarily-sized calf muscles. They’re like someone inserted candlepin bowling balls underneath his skin. Now with all of the ankle issues he’s been having this season in Boston, Allen is placing the blame squarely on his calves. He will play tonight in Boston’s TNT tilt with New York, but the search for the big calf antidote is still ongoing.

According to Red’s Army and, Allen says, “I’ve been told that I have huge calf muscles my whole life. But they’re always like the bane of my pain, of my existence, because I always feel tightness in there. When they do get tight, it keeps my ankles from moving.”

Every muscle in the body is connected. You can have back soreness and never know the real problem stems from hamstring tightness. You could hurt a knee, and never have a clue it actually happened because of a problematic ankle. Allen once told me that playing deep into your 30s is never something you can control, adding, “I think guys are lucky if you can play for a long period of time.”

All of this is true, but yet this may be the first time I’ve heard an NBA player direct injury troubles to his big calves. I guess it fits if we’re talking about Ray Allen.

What do you think of this?

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