Remember When Retired Michael Jordan Came To Bulls Practice And Schooled A Trash-Talking Wing?

“Look around you! What you see when you see around you? Look! Look!”

Michael Jordan, schooling second-year wing Corey Benjamin in 1999, was surely alluding to the six championship banners that adorned the Chicago Bulls’ practice facility. Why? The team’s 1998 first-round pick supposedly “talked a little trash” to the recently retired legend, prompting Jordan to eviscerate him in a game of 1-on-1.

Based on Jordan’s impromptu interview with reporters after he finished off Benjamin, it’s safe to assume this took place during the 1999-2000 campaign, one season after he hung it up for a second time. Asked if there was a chance he’d ever play in the NBA again, the five-time MVP answered definitively.

“Come on, ” he said. “No. None at all. None at all.”

Jordan even went onto say he’s never seen himself playing in colors other than Chicago’s black and red. Of course, such talk proved premature – he made his second comeback with the Washington Wizards approximately two years later at the age of 38.

[Via goatsandglorytv] [h/t r/nba]