Richard Jefferson Is Unfriending LeBron To Avoid Any More Free Agency Questions

06.28.18 9 months ago

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We imagine there are a lot of nice perks that go along with being in LeBron James’ inner circle. You probably get the royal treatment everywhere you go, e.g. the best tables at the most exclusive restaurants, tons of free stuff, and just the general adoration of the public at large.

But in the case of former teammate Richard Jefferson, who has his own semi-ubiquitous media presence, the burden of fielding nonstop questions about LeBron’s pending free agency decision as if he were some sort of expert on the King’s thinking process has started to weigh heavily on him.

So Jefferson has been forced to take drastic measures, which apparently means (jokingly) ending his relationship with his long-time buddy once and for all. Here’s the hilarious message Jefferson tweeted from his Road Trippin account.

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