Rick Barnes Is ‘100 Percent’ In Favor Of A Deeper 3-Point Line In College Basketball And It Makes Sense

03.25.19 3 months ago

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In 2018, the National Invitational Tournament, better known as the NIT, decided to get a little experimental. It changed the game’s format from its usual two halves of 20-minute basketball to four 10-minute quarters. It widened the free throw lane from 12 to 16 feet to mimic the NBA. And using FIBA competition as a guide, it extended the 3-point line back 20 inches. Tennessee head coach Rick Barnes thinks it time to do the same for all of college basketball.

The 3-point revolution hasn’t just found a home in the NBA. During the 2013-2014 season, VA Military led college basketball in 3-pointers attempted per game with 26.5. This season? Savannah State led all teams, hoisting 38.4 per contest. Last season, KenPom reported that the national 3-point rate, or what percentage of a team’s shots come from beyond the arc, sat at 37.4 percent. In 2013-2014, it was just 32.9.

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