Happy Now Skip Bayless? Riley Curry Also Had A Bad Time At Steph’s Press Conference

Skip Bayless and Brian Windhorst caused a bit of a commotion today when they publicly called to ban children from the podium during post-game press conferences. This sudden protest was spurred by Riley Curry’s unbelievably adorable invasion of Stephen Curry‘s post-game comments. Well, good news for Skip and Windhorst and everyone else who hates things that are fun: RILEY CURRY DOESN’T WANT TO COME BACK TO THE STUPID PODIUM ANYWAYS.

If you are like most people and want to avoid listening to Skip, here’s his argument.

In all fairness to Windhorst, he makes some good points. As cute and adorable as Curry’s daughter, or Chris Paul’s son, or Blake Griffin’s son are, the reporters have a job to do, and their presence can elongate what has already been a long day. Reporters often get to games two hours before tip off, if not earlier. By the time they’ve filed their post-game stories, it’s possible they’ve been in the arena for over six hours. So Windhorst can be forgiven for wanting to leave as soon as possible.

That being said, just how distracting was Riley’s presence? Did it really add that much time to the press conference that Windhorst’s deadline was threatened? It’s not as if Curry brings Riley up every game – this is the first time he’s done so. If he did it repeatedly, and in so doing prevented the reporters from doing their job, then Windhorst’s frustration would be a bit more understandable. Luckily for Windhorst, this is now a non-issue, as Riley won’t be gracing us with her presence at the podium any time soon. Which sucks.